Apartment is rented out

Today I felt very relieved when I closed the deal for renting my apartment. Though it would not have been difficult to find someone. Actually I already had a lot of applicants but I was still stressed that I would find someone who I can trust. I actually already had picked a family of three to take the apartment, but before I let them know I decided to give a single dad a try, who had also applied.

So when he came he seemed quite nice, he has a little boy that lives with him every other week and the funny thing is that the boy comes with his dog. He and his girlfriend had separated and he needed a place to stay until the lawsuit about their apartment had been settled. He would loose his temporary apartment in the beginning of May, so it was a perfect match. Though I wanted to notify the family that evening I listened to my feelings and offered him the apartment. A good thing about him is that his childhood friend lives in our house and I could ask him for a recommendation. I know that this neighbour is a very nice and trustful guy, so when he said that his friend was very accurate and reliable I decided to let him rent the apartment.

After I told him I felt so much lighter and for the first time in the last two weeks I feel again a little relaxed. Then though I wanted this adventure myself it is still a big thing and I have to organise a lot of things. But the list of to do´s is always getting shorter and with each item checked I feel more and more confident and look forward to it.

Spori and Coach Stef

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