Only one month to go!

I just realised that it is now just one month until we leave. I have finished a lot of preparations already and have the feeling that everything is getting more ready.

I now know how to pack the car and how to store my belongings, like clothes and “every day essentials”. Everything is getting very real now and I have mixed feelings between excitement and also a little fear. Thoughts like “maybe this is just too wild” or “why do I always have to start new adventures”. I use to get these doubts when I take big steps but looking back it has always been worth the fear! Each “big step” I took was totally worth it.

I remember the night before I moved to Iceland. I had said good bye to my friends and was super excited and ready to go! But when I laid down in my bed I thought: “what the heck was I thinking doing this? Why do I always have to do something crazy, why can´t I be the boring one that just stays at home and stays “in her place”? But on the other hand I already knew that I would never have been happy doing that. I have always been the adventurous type and loved trying new things and jumping right into the unknown. The more uncertainty – the better!

So now I know that this is just “part of the program”, the more you get unnerved the more it will be worth it! So never forget:

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