Work in progress!

I am using the Easter vacation to finish up the apartment because now it´s only 2, 5 weeks until I leave. OMG!!!! I am both excited and afraid, but I think that this is a good combination and necessary if you want to grow.

When we grow it´s something new that we are encountering and that uncertainty is followed by a little fear. In my case I have always loved uncertainty and an unknown future. The more uncertainty, the better! Routine just kills me and I have always been that way. So this is the reason why I am so on fire about my journey, I don´t know what will be out there and that is for me the best feeling in the world. Most of the people are afraid of changes and uncertainty and this fear is a big part of your animal nature. Security and certainty mean survival for our primal brain. Mine is different there, hahahaha.

Today I was continuing to fill my storage with belongings, that I will remove from the apartment before it gets rented. Like clothes, that I will not need on my trip and personal stuff. I use this opportunity to sort out what I do not need anymore. This activity is also something that I absolutely love, keep my belongings to a minimum, under the motto “all that you can´t leave behind”. So the stuff that I will keep are things like boxes with memories, one for Magnea and one for me. Also books I absolutely love which I do not want to give away. So when I come back I will only have stuff in the apartment that is dear to me and that is fantastic for my restless nature.

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