Starting to go through my stuff

Today I started sorting things out which I will not need anymore. When my daughter left two years ago she left a lot of her belongs distributed into several boxes. But most of her stuff that she left was not really something she needed, so I am now sorting through and take the most “precious” one aside for her to have later in her life as a memory.

It was not easy going through it because it also brought up many memories and most of them were from the good times that we had. I found old drawings that she did in a travel book when we went to the Cayman Islands in 2015. She had drawn me with the Stingrays and fish that we saw when we snorkelled there. It is difficult to realise that these precious memories is all I have left at the moment. No one could have seen what was coming and that 5 years later she would leave without a word and not return back to me.

I am very tired after the day, though I am far from done, probably it is also the emotional decluttering that takes my energy.

But the first step is done on my journey and I will continue, just step by step.

Love, Coach Stef

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