Day one

The first day of my journey started in New York City. I flew from Keflavík to JFK International and went from the airport straight to the hotel to get rid of my luggage.

After that I went to Battery Park in Manhatten to catch the Ellis Island ferry. I started to go with the hotel Shuttle to Federal Circle at JFK Airport, where I took the Air Train to Jamaica station. I remember that we went there the last time we were in NY, when we went to Broadway and did some sightseeing by bus in 2017.

From Jamaica station I took the Long Island Railways to Atlantic Terminal. From there I went on subway nr.5 to Bowling Green. When I was looking for my train at the subway station at Atlantic Terminal I was overwhelmed by all the different lines to take and while I was looking for the right platform there was a split second where I thought about just turning around and go back to the hotel. The reason was that there were signs that showed some trains were heading for the Bronx and I thought to myself: knowing my special ability to find myself in the most unbelievable situations, I will probably end up somewhere in the Bronx and get murdered 😀

But all went well and I even got the ferry, that I booked in advance on time. There it was very crowded, but of course it´s one of the top tourists stops in the city.

The ride on the ferry was quite nice, the weather sunny and compared to the icy breeze in Iceland there was no wind and just perfect weather. I did not go off on Liberty Island, but went to the museum of immigration at Ellis Island. I don´t know why, but that island had always fascinated me. I walked through the museum, which was very nice, but was soon quite tired, so I decided to head back to the hotel and around 18 o´clock in the evening I went to bed (already 23 o´clock in Iceland).

Now it´s 3 o´clock in NY (8 in Iceland) and I am fully awake. So I decided to use this time to write in my blog before I will reach my final destination, the Cayman Islands.

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