First day in Grand Cayman

Wow I am so tired! I woke up at 3 in the night US time, got up at 5 and went to the airport around 6. Now it´s only 18 o´clock and I will soon go to sleep.

Cayman has changed so much! Much more traffic, new roads and overall it seems changed. I was lucky with the rental car and got an update and a brand new, much bigger car. It´s strange how quickly I got used to driving on the left side again.

The sea is quite “rough” compared to last time and the water not as turquoise as it was last time. My Airbnb is very nice, I did not expect such a big und well equipped space! The land lady is also very nice. I was so happy when I saw the chicken all around here again. I went grocery shopping and everything is still much more expensive than last time! …. and I am from Iceland! I should be used to high prices in the grocery shop.

When I finally arrived I was so tired, but still wanted to go to the beach for just a little while. I am very close to West Bay public beach, I can basically walk there. Tomorrow I will go to my favorite beach, Cemetery Beach. I can see it from my rental and it just feels like a dream that I am back here.

So happy to be here again, I felt so much joy, though the island has changed and is a little different than last time.

Tomorrow I will meet a friend of mine and we will have dinner together. She is our exchange partner from our first stay in Cayman. Looking forward to it, very nice to be able to go out for dinner over here and know at least one person 😀

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