What a wonderful day! This day was just the loveliest day in a long time! I started having my morning coffee on the deck with a great view on the Caribbean sea! Then I went to my favorite dive shop and bought myself a new bikini. I spent ages there because I could not decide which one to take. Then I went finally to Cemetery beach, my most favorite beach in Grand Cayman!

I snorkeled a lot and was in awe over all the fish that I saw there. It is just the very best beach ever! I love the chickens on the beach but got disappointed that they had culled the green iguanas, which are not native to the island and have been a thread for the local animal population. It’s weird to not have them around.

In the evening I went out with Brenda, my former home exchange partner, and her friend Ryan. It was such a fun evening! It only took Brenda minutes to convince me that my next destination to live will be the Cayman Islands! We started with a drink at the Westin on Seven Mile Beach. From there we went to Waterfront in Cabana Bay and had dinner. We wanted to end the evening at the Wharf with “Boogie nights”, but the entrance fee was a rip off, so we did not go there. Ryan was very relieved about it because he hates dancing ๐Ÿ˜€

It was a great evening and I am looking forward to much more Cayman fun!

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