What a day

This day was in many way an unexpected one. Today I had a date with a guy here for lunch. My friend Brenda recommended dating to me and I thought why not.

But I still had some time in the morning before the date so I decided to go to Governors beach because the restaurant was in Camana Bay and is close by. I asked Brenda if she wanted to join me at the beach and she came over. There is a very nice reef out the at the beach but I once tried to go there when I was here the last time but got kind of attacked by fishes there and went back (Magnea was on the beach and did not want to come out with me that time)

When Brenda asked about going out to the reef I was really exited because I would not dare to go there alone because of the weird fish some year ago and also because it is not really close to the beach. So we went there but on the way out I could feel that I got panic because I had the feeling that I could not get enough air. My gear was working totally fine and I knew that it was just a mind thing. I managed to calm myself down and we made it to the reef. The reef was amazing, I saw many new species and we even saw a puffer fish, which was really puffy, hahaha. I really enjoyed it, but on the same time I thought “next time I will not got out that far, not even with company”. We spent some time there and it was amazing.

We then went back and on the way back I suddenly got the feeling again that I could not breath. I tried to beat the feeling again, but when Brenda asked me if I was ok I said no and that I had the feeling that I cannot breath. She told me to take off the mask, lay on my back and counting slowly. At this moment I was totally panicking because I had the feeling that I could not make it back to the beach because of the breathing difficulties. Fortunately she managed to calm me down and when I floated on my back, focusing on the counting, I finally started to calm down. After some time I managed to swim back to the shore without problems. But this was such a scary experience and I was really taken off guard. I don´t know how I can thank Brenda for being so supporting and calm.

Now it´s evening and I still feel exhausted and have no idea what actually happened there. It was a pure panic attack by the book, but I never had one before and it was really frightening. Brenda convinced me to go home, take a shower and still go to the date. Because it was only one hour later I did not want to cancel it because it would have looked weird and impolite to cancel with such short notice. Also I was really interested in that guy, the texting with him had really been nice.

So I went to the date and it was sooooooooo nice! After lunch we went to the beach together and we will meet again tomorrow. This was really unexpected and it looks like he also was surprised by the good time we had. Unfortunately it´s his last day tomorrow, but the good thing about living in the moment is that you just enjoy it and don´t think too much. So, good night everyone and enjoy the moment 😉

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