Best birthday!

I had such a nice birthday today! My day started with opening the package that Ramona, Uli and Linda had given me prior to my departure. I took it with me to the Caymans and it contained money, chocolate, glimmer and birthday items, a card and a “Happy Birthday” crown! It was so nice! I was so happy about it, knowing that they had carefully collected all the things in the package for me. Then I called my parents and they were very happy that I called and sang to me for my birthday. The chat with them was really nice and they were happy to hear that my day had started great and the vacation so far is an absolute blast!

I spent my day on both Governors and Cemetery beach, spending my birthday there was THE ultimate birthday present to myself. Later in the afternoon I went to Brendas place and we hang out by her pool and chatted. We then made ourselves ready for the evening and met with her friend July for dinner at the Lobster Pot in George Town. Judy had brought me a “happy birthday” balloon, which fitted perfectly to my birthday crown. We had lovely food and a cocktail and watched also the feeding of the Tarpons, which are very large fish, that gather around the lights of the restaurant in the harbor.

It was a great day and could not have been any better!

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