Preparations starting

Now that I got the permission I am busy preparing for our journey. There are many things I have to organize before we can go.

Tomorrow Spori has his vet appointment, he gets vaccinated for rabies and we have to fill out his export papers.

I have to go to the bank and check on the insurance for my car and the loan that I have to secure before I can leave the country with the car. The ferry is already booked and I also booked one night for the stop on the road. My first destination is also already decided. Spori and I will stop at our friends on the Neddernhof close to Hamburg. From the ferry in Hirthals in Denmark it is just a few hours drive there and this will be our first stop.

I am super excited now, but also a little stressed, like you get when you do something that might be just totally crazy. If you have questions just drop a comment here and I will come back to you!

Good night, Spori and Coach Stef

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