On we go!

I just realized that there are not many weeks until we leave. It has been an idea for about 2 months, I really had to fight for it and now that it is becoming reality I get a little scared. Scared of my own courage, not the first time!

I had this feeling several times in my life when I knew that I was going to do something that will have an impact on my life and will be something to be remembered. But each time it was really worth it, so on we go with the plans!

Yesterday I bought some organizational stuff at Ikea for the interior of the car. I realized that a suitcase is not a good idea, I should rather focus on having my car well organized so I can find everything I need and don´t have to dive into a suitcase each time I am looking for something. I already bought a drawer with four plastic boxes, that fits exactly in my car, so there will be the things Spori and I will need on a day-to-day basis.

I also saw a travel tip about how to organize different outfits in one go and I bought the blue shelf with space for different clothes. I can then collapse it into a box and that box can go into the car.

I have to admit that I love these preparations and am happy.

Spori and Coach Stef

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