No writing

I have to start with apologizing that I have not written a single word since I left Iceland. My plan was to keep a kind of a diary about my trip where people could follow my journey.

But the truth is that I have no drive at all to share my thoughts and feelings about this adventure. I just enjoy my journey and have no need for reflection.

So I just share my Instagram feed here so I fulfill at least a minimum of my promise. Who know, maybe one day I get the urge to write again 😉

Work in progress!

I am using the Easter vacation to finish up the apartment because now it´s only 2, 5 weeks until I leave. OMG!!!! I am both excited and afraid, but I think that this is a good combination and necessary if you want to grow.

When we grow it´s something new that we are encountering and that uncertainty is followed by a little fear. In my case I have always loved uncertainty and an unknown future. The more uncertainty, the better! Routine just kills me and I have always been that way. So this is the reason why I am so on fire about my journey, I don´t know what will be out there and that is for me the best feeling in the world. Most of the people are afraid of changes and uncertainty and this fear is a big part of your animal nature. Security and certainty mean survival for our primal brain. Mine is different there, hahahaha.

Today I was continuing to fill my storage with belongings, that I will remove from the apartment before it gets rented. Like clothes, that I will not need on my trip and personal stuff. I use this opportunity to sort out what I do not need anymore. This activity is also something that I absolutely love, keep my belongings to a minimum, under the motto “all that you can´t leave behind”. So the stuff that I will keep are things like boxes with memories, one for Magnea and one for me. Also books I absolutely love which I do not want to give away. So when I come back I will only have stuff in the apartment that is dear to me and that is fantastic for my restless nature.

Bursting with excitement!

OMG I am so excited. I finalized two home exchanges for our time in Europe and I can barely sit still anymore! Traveling has always been my greatest passion and now my heart sings!

I will go first to Switzerland in May and later in July I will go to the Netherlands with both my parents and my lovely nieces. I could scroll through the pictures of the places the whole night in anticipation!

Motto: do more of what makes you happy!

Love, Coach Stef and Spori

Our schedule is out!

Our schedule is out! I am super excited to announce that we have already a schedule for our journey! Our trip will consist of visiting family and friends and we also mixed some pleasure into it. Then though I have to work most of the time we can still go and enjoy our beautiful surroundings, where ever we are!

If you are interested in our schedule please contact me and I will send you the link.

Only one month to go!

I just realised that it is now just one month until we leave. I have finished a lot of preparations already and have the feeling that everything is getting more ready.

I now know how to pack the car and how to store my belongings, like clothes and “every day essentials”. Everything is getting very real now and I have mixed feelings between excitement and also a little fear. Thoughts like “maybe this is just too wild” or “why do I always have to start new adventures”. I use to get these doubts when I take big steps but looking back it has always been worth the fear! Each “big step” I took was totally worth it.

I remember the night before I moved to Iceland. I had said good bye to my friends and was super excited and ready to go! But when I laid down in my bed I thought: “what the heck was I thinking doing this? Why do I always have to do something crazy, why can´t I be the boring one that just stays at home and stays “in her place”? But on the other hand I already knew that I would never have been happy doing that. I have always been the adventurous type and loved trying new things and jumping right into the unknown. The more uncertainty – the better!

So now I know that this is just “part of the program”, the more you get unnerved the more it will be worth it! So never forget:

Apartment is rented out

Today I felt very relieved when I closed the deal for renting my apartment. Though it would not have been difficult to find someone. Actually I already had a lot of applicants but I was still stressed that I would find someone who I can trust. I actually already had picked a family of three to take the apartment, but before I let them know I decided to give a single dad a try, who had also applied.

So when he came he seemed quite nice, he has a little boy that lives with him every other week and the funny thing is that the boy comes with his dog. He and his girlfriend had separated and he needed a place to stay until the lawsuit about their apartment had been settled. He would loose his temporary apartment in the beginning of May, so it was a perfect match. Though I wanted to notify the family that evening I listened to my feelings and offered him the apartment. A good thing about him is that his childhood friend lives in our house and I could ask him for a recommendation. I know that this neighbour is a very nice and trustful guy, so when he said that his friend was very accurate and reliable I decided to let him rent the apartment.

After I told him I felt so much lighter and for the first time in the last two weeks I feel again a little relaxed. Then though I wanted this adventure myself it is still a big thing and I have to organise a lot of things. But the list of to do´s is always getting shorter and with each item checked I feel more and more confident and look forward to it.

Spori and Coach Stef

On we go!

I just realized that there are not many weeks until we leave. It has been an idea for about 2 months, I really had to fight for it and now that it is becoming reality I get a little scared. Scared of my own courage, not the first time!

I had this feeling several times in my life when I knew that I was going to do something that will have an impact on my life and will be something to be remembered. But each time it was really worth it, so on we go with the plans!

Yesterday I bought some organizational stuff at Ikea for the interior of the car. I realized that a suitcase is not a good idea, I should rather focus on having my car well organized so I can find everything I need and don´t have to dive into a suitcase each time I am looking for something. I already bought a drawer with four plastic boxes, that fits exactly in my car, so there will be the things Spori and I will need on a day-to-day basis.

I also saw a travel tip about how to organize different outfits in one go and I bought the blue shelf with space for different clothes. I can then collapse it into a box and that box can go into the car.

I have to admit that I love these preparations and am happy.

Spori and Coach Stef

Preparations starting

Now that I got the permission I am busy preparing for our journey. There are many things I have to organize before we can go.

Tomorrow Spori has his vet appointment, he gets vaccinated for rabies and we have to fill out his export papers.

I have to go to the bank and check on the insurance for my car and the loan that I have to secure before I can leave the country with the car. The ferry is already booked and I also booked one night for the stop on the road. My first destination is also already decided. Spori and I will stop at our friends on the Neddernhof close to Hamburg. From the ferry in Hirthals in Denmark it is just a few hours drive there and this will be our first stop.

I am super excited now, but also a little stressed, like you get when you do something that might be just totally crazy. If you have questions just drop a comment here and I will come back to you!

Good night, Spori and Coach Stef

Starting to go through my stuff

Today I started sorting things out which I will not need anymore. When my daughter left two years ago she left a lot of her belongs distributed into several boxes. But most of her stuff that she left was not really something she needed, so I am now sorting through and take the most “precious” one aside for her to have later in her life as a memory.

It was not easy going through it because it also brought up many memories and most of them were from the good times that we had. I found old drawings that she did in a travel book when we went to the Cayman Islands in 2015. She had drawn me with the Stingrays and fish that we saw when we snorkelled there. It is difficult to realise that these precious memories is all I have left at the moment. No one could have seen what was coming and that 5 years later she would leave without a word and not return back to me.

I am very tired after the day, though I am far from done, probably it is also the emotional decluttering that takes my energy.

But the first step is done on my journey and I will continue, just step by step.

Love, Coach Stef

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